FTV Cafe
FTV Cafe
FTV Cafe


The aesthetic and feel of a coffee house or cafe for the newest generation sure has its way with the modern lifestyle that revolves around late-nights and hustle mornings. The intimate and cosy atmosphere that carries a cafe bound by cool factors is sure to make you feel at your very own luxe and cosy atmosphere.

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FTV Cafe FTV Cafe
FTV Cafe
FTV Cafe
FTV Cafe
FTV Cafe


  • Decked with Innumerable Options
  • Newer Inventions
  • An ideal hang-out and luxury spot.
  • The cafe industry currently was at US 1.6Billion Dollars in 2020
  • The Cafe Industry is expected to rise to US 4.5Billion Dollars by 2027
FTV Cafe

Brewing Cups Over Conversations


FTV Cafe


To make FTV cafe a globally recognised hot-spot that attracts visitors from all over the world to visit and experience its exquisite brews and ambience.

FTV Cafe


To enhance the users brewing experience with FTV Cafes and offer a range of gourmet snacks and meals that make it a one-stop shop for every need.

FTV Cafe


To launch multiple FTV Cafes throughout the world, that caters to luxury as well as adds in the cosy and modern feel to each cafe.

FTV Cafe


FTV Cafes are a class-apart, backed by fashion and entrées that make each individual dwell into their own world of brews and warm conversations, our features speak for us.

International Touch With Indian Gourmet

Every FTV Cafe comes enhanced with an international imbibed ambience that stands out from any other cafes, decked with authentic pieces throughout the globe and still showcase and serve authentic Indian snacks, bringing “best of both worlds” quite literally to term.

Glimpse Of Fashion and Glamour

A franchise that began with fashion and revolves around luxury will have its presence in every outlet it redeems. With FTV Cafe you're sure to see glimpses of fashion that will enhance your dining experience completely.

Acing Their Own Identity

Nothing is ever the same, is true when it comes to each and every FTV Cafe outlet. Each project depicts a style and aura of its own. Nothing is ever repetitive, just conscious brilliance.

Transitional Vibe

Go from day to night, or night to day with a changing scenario in the same environment you decide to dwell into. Our cafes are enriched with 24 hour changing mood landscapes that switch your vibe to fit its natural character.

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Our Locations

FTV Cafe current locations Our Locations Images
  • Ahmedabad, Gujrat
  • Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • Mohali, Punjab
  • Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Vesu, Gujrat
  • Nashik, Maharashtra
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Patna, Bihar